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Best Festivals in Grapevine TX



Grapevine Texas is one of the best cities for a person to enjoy all the various festivals that are there. When you are there you have festivals that are cultural, spiritual and many other ones for the entertainment of the whole family. There are festivals that vary from food to art and from crafts to live entertainment and you will find so many events that are going on that you are going to have a hard time choosing which one you would like to go to.

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The best festivals in Grapevine TX are those that are planned well in advance. You do not want to show up to a festival like this without having an idea of what it will be about or how long it is going to last. You do not want to end up feeling like a fool because you did not prepare yourself for what you were going to do or what you were going to be doing.

The Grapevine Arts Festival, one of the best festivals in Grapevine TX takes place during mid to late August and early September and it is not only music that is featured but poetry, workshops and plays as well. This Festival is a nine-day event that allows the entire family to attend and participate in all sorts of things that are arts related from theater and dance to readings and film and visual arts. Children love this Festival because it offers a chance for them to experience theater one-on-one with professional actors and actresses who perform alongside local talent. During this Festival children also have the opportunity to work at a variety of workshops learning a variety of skills from art techniques to acting.

The Sixth Annual Arts and Culture Festival in Austin feature local musicians, artists, and visual artists who will perform throughout the month of August. It is held at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Downtown Austin. This is one of the festivals that is perfect to take a vacation and also a chance to make some new friends.

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