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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

After a hail storm rolls through and damages your home you might have one question on your mind, “Will my homeowners insurance cover a new roof?” The answer will depend on your policy and the previous state of your home. We can help you here at Nailed Right Roofing & Construction to navigate your insurance and get proof of damages to get your roof replaced or repaired, but your homeowners insurance coverage will be necessary to make that happen.

When Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover a New Roof?

If you have a major storm roll through your area that causes damage to your roof the first thing you need to do is have your roof inspected to make sure you have enough damage to go to your insurance company. At Nailed Right Roofing & Construction we provide all of our customers with photo evidence of damage, thoroughly explain what we find, and give you next steps.

If your roofing professional says you have damage go ahead and call your insurance company to file a claim. Ask them what help they can offer you and what exclusion may exist to your insurance policy. Make sure you do this step so you know if a repair or a full re-roof is available to you so you don’t end up going outside of your policy and get charged.

After gathering all the information about your specific policy, ask your insurance company what you need to do to get your roof replaced in a timely manner. Things that the insurance company may need are: documenting the type of damage, noting the date and time or damage, and photo evidence of damage. Gather all that information and submit it to your insurance claims department.

The next step will be your insurance company sending out an adjuster to inspect the damage that your roof has. At Nailed Right Roofing & Construction, we like to be present for this process so that we can fight for you to get as much bought by your insurance company.

I know that was a long read but that is pretty much it. After the adjuster inspection we wait to hear back from the insurance company to see what all they will cover. We will then go over the paperwork with you so we can discuss what we can do for you.

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